Cilwg is a smallholding of about twelve acres or so, situated just south of Carmarthen, south Wales. It is home to the two of us (Ryan and Bethan), a father and daughter who have returned to their roots having spent far too long away.

The Bancyboblen Herds (cattle and pigs) is a father/daughter enterprise which has yet to work out who’s in overall charge(!). What we do know is that we are primarily small-scale breeders and rearers of native cattle and pigs, producing what we believe are quality animals both for fattening and as breeding stock.

We have deliberately chosen to be small-scale; we have never wanted to farm intensively because we believe quality is more important than quantity. This philosophy may not make us much in the way of profit, but what matters to us is that our livestock are reared in as natural a way as possible. If this takes a little longer and needs a little more effort on our part, so be it. The end result is surely worth that extra effort.

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